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Turbodrive 490 H.C.T.


Completely redesigned in its major components using the most advanced CFD softwares, Turbodrive 490 H.C.T. now sets new standards of performance and maneuverability and places itself as the most performant waterjet on the market in its class.
The improved pump efficiency leads to a better cavitation resistance, higher bollard pull and thrust compared to its predecessor.
Moreover, the overall performance are enhanced by the hydrodynamically optimized steering nozzle and reversing bucket that grant an higher precision with minimal performance loss while turning and as astonishing crash stop capability.
Compact, cost-effective, light and easy to install Turbodrive 490 H.C.T. represents the best solution for shipyard and operators of high speed commercial, military and pleasure applications.
Available with built-in interceptors.

Technical Characteristics

Impeller diameter
490 mm at the inlet

Dry weight
930 kg including gearbox, hydraulic clutch,
water intake, duct, anodes and levers

Integrated gearbox
With N. 20 gear ratios available

Input power
Up to 1.324 kW (1.800 mHP)

Dimensional Drawing