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Turbodrive 224 D.D.

Technical Characteristics

Turbodrive 224 D.D. is the only model of the range not equipped with the integrated gearbox but directly matched to the engine through the impeller, presently designed to match engines with 110 mHP @ 3.200 rpm or others with power and rpm lying on the same cubic curve.
Other impellers are available on demand.
The main waterjet parts are made in aluminum alloy except the impeller housing and the impeller which are made in stainless steel; the upper part of the duct is built directly into the boat hull in GRP, Kevlar or composites or can be supplied complete in aluminum alloy.
The result is a simple, tough and light waterjet granting an astonishing thrust despite its compact dimensions.
Currently installed on Jet Tender 14, 15 and Jet Tender 16 it enhances their performance providing a quick take-off and rapid medium to high speed acceleration.

Technical Characteristics

Impeller diameter
224 mm at the inlet

Dry weight
51,5 kg including all the components and hydraulics,
excluding the upper duct part

Integrated gearbox

Input power
Up to 147 kW (200 mHP)

Dimensional Drawing